Crafting Meaningful Projects.

Embarking on a quest to leave a digital legacy, I've dedicated myself to a myriad of projects that stand out in my professional journey.

  • Entryscanner

    This web application is designed for use by security staff in different libraries to manage and verify patron access. It also features an API that collaborates with entryscanner-access-gates, facilitating barcode lookups to determine and grant authorized patron entry access.
  • Pennywise

    Personal finance tracker and budgeting app designed to help with money management. This application helps users to efficiently track and manage expenses, create budgets, and integrate bank accounts and other assets with features like payee management, category customization, and comprehensive reports.
  • MyMedia

    A specialized archival storage and streaming solution for the University of Toronto. This platform enables users to effortlessly upload and share videos in various formats, record screens via a web API, and enjoy a custom video player.
  • Tvupweb

    Designed a robust admin portal supporting multiple user roles with OTP login for enhanced security. Integrated emailing, SMS with Twilio, real-time user tracking, and PDF report generation. Developed a GraphQL API for data retrieval and a responsive Svelte frontend for interaction.
  • Codenames

    Implementation of the popular board game Codenames - finding detectives (i.e., words) from a set related to a hint given by the spymaster.
  • Viscodex

    VisCodex is a tool for building models of the physical collation of manuscripts and then visualizing them in various ways.